Dear OpsNow Customers,

We will be undertaking a planned service upgrade this coming Saturday, February 25th, 2023 from 19:00 to Sunday, 26th around 20:00. During this period of time, OpsNow services will be partially affected and the details of the impacted services are listed below in the table.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We will come back with the automated and integrated platform for more secure cloud management, OpsNow360.

> Duration: From Saturday, February 25th, 2023 19:00 to Sunday, 26th 20:00 (UTC +09:00), 1 day

> Tasks: OpsNow360 service renewal

* Impacted Services

Service Not Impacted Impacted
Cost Receiving the cost anomaly and budget alerts, AutoSpot, and receiving cost reports Access to all dashboards and view status and settings
Asset Receiving resource alerts and resource reports, scheduled resource scheduler jobs Access to all dashboards and view status and settings
Governance Scheduled compliance scans Access to all dashboards and view status and settings
Security All None
DevOS All None
AletNow Collecting event data, creating incidents, and sending notifications Access to the Incidents, Settings, and Analysis menus
HelpNow Chatbot Access to all menus of HelpNow and Live chat agent
IoTOps All None

In the event of delays in the service renewal, we will proceed after posting a notice again.

Thank you for your continued interest in OpsNow, and we will continue to work hard to provide better service.

For more information, please contact the OpsNow Customer Support Center by emailing (

Thank you for using OpsNow.

OpsNow Team