Optimized cloud cost management platform

OpsNow CMP

OpsNow CMP is a cloud cost management platform that helps you with cloud service operation by securing visibility in costs and optimizing resources and costs. It is a solution to achieve business goals and enhance cloud cost management capabilities.

Multi-cloud Management Automation Solution

All-encompassing Support for Cloud Businesses

From understandings of cloud to migration, monitoring, analysis, cloud optimization, security and compliance, OpsNow provides perfect cloud services in all stages.

Automated Cloud Management and Operation

Leave cloud governance, incident management and cost optimization to OpsNow, an automated cloud management solution.
Your DevOps team can unshackle itself from repetitive manual jobs and focus on more valuable tasks.

Insights for Cloud Optimization

Capture opportunities to save costs. Secure insights on cloud operation and management from the regular report that analyzes your organization's security posture and incident management status. You can come up with optimal cloud operation plans by grasping cloud operation statuses by team or project.

Main Features

OpsNow CMP supports many cloud service providers and content delivery networks. It provides a holistic view on cloud resources and costs distributed in multiple accounts and regions. You can manage cloud costs efficiently through AI-based cost anomaly detection.
It manages cloud resources by grouping them by service, organization and workload, and accurately categorizes resources into meaningful units to allocate costs by department or service.
It looks out for idling or incorrectly used resources to delete them and provides right-sizing. It optimizes cloud costs by recommending appropriate discount models such as Reserved Instances, Savings Plans and Spot Instances provided by cloud service providers to optimize your cloud cost.
It provides recommended practice policies for costs, assets, performance and security, and implements efficient and centralized cloud governance through automatic resource scanning.

Our Customers

More than 600 Korean businesses including Samsung Electronics and SKT are managing their cloud with OpsNow CMP.
Our solution manages more than 500 billion won annually, and saves more than 150 billion won every year through asset optimization and cost management. Systemize ever-complicated user management in cloud environments with OpsNow CMP.


OpsNow's pricing differs based on service types. AutoSpot is available for use without additional license costs.
You pay a part of your savings realized by AutoSpot, or even no cost at all if you haven't saved cost.

If you want to use 14-day free trial, sign up now.

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