Product List

We provide software for your successful adoption and management of cloud.

OpsNow CMP

OpsNow CMP is a cloud cost management platform that helps you with cloud service operation by securing visibility in cost and optimizing resources and costs.

OpsNow Security

OpsNow Security is a cloud security posture management platform creating more secure cloud operation environments.

OpsNow Dev OS

OpsNow Dev OS is a one-stop DevOps platform that offers infrastructure configuration and provisioning with IaC and CI/CD application deployment on the multi- and hybrid cloud infrastructure.


AlertNow provides optimal incident management for IT infrastructure.

HelpNow AI

From customer inquiries to complicated business workflows, the interactive AI agent automates all interactions.


IoTOps manages various IoT and edge devices, automates collection and storage of high-availability data and provides BI and AI/ML services so that you could easily analyze and utilize it.


WhaTap Labs developed WhaTap, the only SaaS monitoring service in Korea, to provide IT monitoring services.


Freshdesk allows businesses to provide customer support via all channels including phone calls, emails, chats, social media and self-service portals.


Freshsales is a cloud CRM solution that supports you to garner better sales results by analyzing data on existing and potential customers and setting systematic and multi-faceted sales pipeline and sequence.


Freshservice is a powerful ITSM solution that allows staff members to use IT services more easily and IT agents to efficiently resolve IT issues.


Transportation Management System (TMS) is a software that plans, executes and manages delivery of freight within a supply chain.


VROONG TMS Engine is an API-based vehicle scheduling engine service optimized for domestic geography and transportation environments, providing reasonable pay-as-you-go models which eliminate costs for initial adoption and servers.