Conversational AI service platform


From customer inquiries to complicated business workflows, the conversational AI agent automates all interactions.

Experience digital transformation with HelpNow!

HelpNow provides an end-to-end solution for conversational AI services.

Conversational AI

Platform to Build and Operate AI Chatbots and Voicebots

Quickly build a smart interactive AI service to provide automated interaction services both to customers and staff members anywhere, anytime.

AI Contact Center

Next-generation digital contact center evolving with AI

HelpNow helps you build a next-generation contact center by integrating cloud and AI technology such as voice recognition, voice synthesis, and agent assist to the traditional call center system.

Professional Service

Professional service for interactive AI services

Cloud and AI/ML experts support the adoption of cloud-based chatbots and voicebots, operation, and conversion to a digital contact center.

Conversational AI service leading the market

AI agents created for customer service, HR support, marketing, and IT helpdesk provide more customized and automated experiences to customers and staff members.

Chatbots and callbots for business, AICC adoption, and cloud operation
HelpNow encompasses all services including chatbots and callbots to build and operate a cloud-based AICC that combines AI and cloud with a contact center system.
High-performance AI agent that understands and interacts with users
Seamless self-services are available through various channels such as chatrooms, messengers, AI speakers, and call centers, thanks to the cutting-edge AI/ML technologies by Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Naver, Kakao, and more.
Quick implementation of interactive AI services in various cases without coding
Powerful software engineering and sophisticated AI allow you to quickly develop and deploy virtual agents based on the needs of customers.
Accurate solution-based assessment and improvement of bot performance
HelpNow tests, assesses, and analyzes bot performance in a matter of minutes and improves it by enhancing the quality of NLP models.

Excellent scalability and flexible task connection

HelpNow integrates various services to provide all features required for interactive AI services.

Customer Stories

Automated customer and staff services with enterprise-level conversational AI

Global logistics company – H
With just one solution, all teams and departments were able to develop various bots right away according to their purpose.
Each business unit quickly configures and deploys multi-tenancy chatbots and voicebots by introducing HelpNow as a company-wide standard chatbot system.
Call center outsourcing – K
Implemented AICC in a short span of time through HelpNow SaaS platform that is immediately linked with call center equipment.
The conversion to an AI contact center from a traditional call center enhanced efficiency in handling customer inquiries while chatbots and voicebots provided differentiated unmanned services.
Credit card company – H
17% improvement in chatbot performance by migrating to a high-performance NLU engine and NLU learning model tuning
H improved intent classification performance by more than 17% by migrating to a high-performance NLU engine from their legacy chatbot system and improving the NLU learning model.
Global logistics company – H
Automated inquiries from global partners sent in various languages through a multilingual chatbot interfacing with the CSP translator APIs.
H started to use a multilingual chatbot supporting various languages to handle repetitive inquiries from global partners, which eventually reduced the workload of its staff members and increased work efficiency.
Cosmetics/e-Commerce – L
Personalized product recommendations tailored to customers' preferences through a chatbot developed based on deep learning.
L provides customized services such as product recommendations based on preferences by integrating AI technology by cloud service providers, such as Google Recommendation AI.

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