Single interface DevOps platform

OpsNow DevOS

OpsNow DevOS is a one-stop DevOps platform that offers infrastructure configuration and provisioning with IaC and CI/CD application deployment on the multi- and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Why OpsNow DevOS?

OpsNow DevOS is a DevOps platform providing enhanced visibility, convenience, integration, and standardization in the business's overall DevOps activities.

CI/CD & Provisioning Integration

Configure a CI/CD workflow befitting your organization's governance. Define standard provisioning processes to execute Jira and 3rd party test tools by stage.

Intuitive and Convenient User Environment

GUI-based pipeline designer and the topology that visualizes infrastructure configuration are intuitive and easy to use.

Multi- and Hybrid Cloud Support

Deployment feature supports not only the public cloud including AWS, Azure, and GCP but also containers in private cloud.

Managed Service

OpsNow DevOS is a ready-to-use SaaS service that does not require additional set up and periodic maintenance because it will always be up to date.

Main Features

Various information needed for DevOS is visualized and provided in charts.
Toolchain Management
DevOS automates CI/CD toolchain configuration and monitors the status of configured toolchain. Furthermore, external toolchain can be registered, which allows integrated management of the entire toolchain.
DevOS provides tools needed for CI/CD/CT based on IaC as well as GUI-based pipeline designer for application build and deployment.
The integration of Ansible and Terraform allows you to deploy infrastructure defined based on codes to multiple cloud services and supports infrastructure configuration management and software deployment.
Resource Topology
Deployed infrastructure configuration is visualized and provided in real-time, allowing you to check the status after the deployment without accessing a console.
Developers or operators can spend less time writing code with this feature that makes infrastructure deployment much easier with predefined template. You will be able to deploy infrastructure with few clicks, even if you are not familiar with coding.

Customer Reviews

Company A
OpsNow DevOS solution was easily integrated with our customized UI service, which was also developed by Bespin Global's engineers. Moreover, the DevOS engineers have a deep understanding of public cloud services and how these services can be programmatically interwoven with each other, using the AWS SDK and the Terraform code. Before adopting DevOS, it usually took 5 days to provision a set of infrastructure components, including VPCs, EC2s, and RDS. After DevOS has been adopted, it takes around 30 minutes with a standardized playbook that takes the custom input from the UI service. DevOS accelerates all the infrastructure provisioning processes, even with our company's specific requirements.
Recommended to
Businesses in need of a development environment platform for easy development
Businesses that seek to standardize and integrate multiple development and operation processes
Businesses that need to automate infrastructure operation management
Development teams that want to focus solely on development
Businesses that need a flexible deployment environment in various infrastructure environments
Startups in which 1 or 2 engineers are in charge of both development and infrastructure operation


OpsNow DevOS provides both a SaaS version and a hosted version set up on customer's legacy environment.

DevOS SaaS
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  • 1 Unit Spec: 1 Core, 4 GB
  • Up to 4 tasks executable at once
  • CI/CD Pipeline
  • Provisioning
  • Configuration
  • Technical Support: Service Desk, email
DevOS Hosted
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  • Set up on customer's infrastructure environment
  • Pipeline
  • Provisioning
  • Configuration
  • Online technical support
Professional Service
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  • Product installation and upgrade
  • User training on product
  • Support on template creation
  • Support on CI/CD pipeline creation
  • Support on IaC code writing
  • Tasks defined by discussions