Cloud cost optimization consulting

FinOps Consulting

A consulting service that finds ways to automatically optimize cloud costs for tangible cost reduction results and supports the establishment of policies needed for cost control.

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  Why FinOps Consulting?

What is FinOps?

FinOps is a compound word of Finance and DevOps representing a service that allows users to optimize, manage and control costs by tightly integrating finance, development, and operation in cloud environments.

Why FinOps?

There is a stark difference between legacy IT and cloud cost systems, which is why you need to adopt a new system to manage cloud costs.

Core Elements of FinOps

To successfully adopt cloud by tightly integrating finance and operation, 3 core elements must be fulfilled — A team or organization dedicated to cloud cost management, utilization of visualization tools, and cloud governance.

FinOps Capacity Maturity

Users must apply the core elements of FinOps considering their organization’s capacity and enhance it for a higher level of maturity.

Main Services

Cost Optimization Consulting
A consulting service that executes cloud cost saving, garners tangible results, and supports the implementation of cost control policies.
FinOps Managed Service
Cloud Cost Management Status Monitoring, optimization, regular cloud cost reduction diagnosis, and report
Cloud Cost Management Training
Training services to enhance understanding on cloud costs and strengthen the capacity to utilize cost-management processes, policies, and solutions.

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