Cloud Security Management Platform

OpsNow Security

OpsNow Security is a cloud security posture management platform that creates more secure cloud operation environments. We analyze your cloud security posture and provide guidelines for improvement as well as standard policies.

Leave your cloud security to OpsNow Security!

Product Features

Supports Multi-cloud Environment

Manage different levels of security in a multi-cloud environment with the same standard and an integrated view.

Solution for Security Operators

OpsNow Security is a customized solution for Chief Information Security Officers, Security Managers, and Security Operators based on your security operation governance. We also provide security operation services along with it.

Quick Introduction and Easy Use

In just a few minutes, you can configure the environment agentlessly and perform vulnerability assessments and make remedies quickly and easily.

Cloud Security Policy Guide

We provide cloud security policy guides written with years of know-hows as a cloud MSP. Policies are updated continuously.

Domestic and Overseas Compliance

In addition to ISMS-P-based vulnerability checks, OpsNow Security supports internal compliance of Korean businesses through policy customization.

Technical Support

Receive technical support from a cloud security expert to remediate vulnerabilities.

Main Features

Vulnerability Assessment
OpsNow Security assesses and analyzes vulnerabilities in multi-cloud environments based on domestic and overseas compliance and best practices. With OpsNow Security, you can configure an environment for vulnerability assessment and execute it in a matter of minutes.
Security Scores
OpsNow Security visualizes the compliance status of your organization so that you could manage cloud security targets and levels. Check major security issues and the status quo through the Dashboard.
Guidelines for Improvement
OpsNow Security shows you details of vulnerabilities and policy violations as well as a remediation guide. The details include policies related to violated resources, risk levels, and severity. Console, API, and CLI guidelines are also provided.
Compliance Management
Selectively apply compliance and policies based on your organization's cloud security operation. Security policies are applied individually or collectively at the recommended compliance level.
Project Management
Select appropriate compliance for your organization's cloud security operations. Detailed security policies are applicable by step or case.
Abnormal Activity-based Analysis
Predict security risks with activity logs (showing who changed what, when and where) and figure out how malicious users infiltrated the system upon attacks, which allows you to identify the exact attacking method.


15-day Free Trial
  • Cloud security posture management
  • Management of violated resources
  • Remediation guide
  • Compliance management
  • Online technical support
(Monthly charge by cloud account)
  • Cloud security posture management
  • Management of violated resources
  • Remediation guide
  • Compliance management
  • Policy customization
  • Security score, resource and compliance management by project
  • Provision of cloud security recommended practices
  • Initial onboarding and user training
  • Online technical support
To be launched
  • All services in Standard
  • Integrated management of security events
  • Ticket management and notifications
  • Advanced user training
  • Multilingual service (English)
  • Additional services
  • Configuration vulnerabilities consulting
  • Compliance management