One-stop Cloud Security Consulting

SecOps Consulting

A one-stop security service including designing, developing, operating and controlling security layers to safeguard IT services.

Why SecOps Consulting?

OpsNow's cloud security consulting is different.

Compliance Optimization

Poised for ISMS-P evaluation and international compliance in a cloud environment (140 items listed, optimized security policy criteria)

Cooperation with Security, Development, and Operation Experts

Establishment of a security system optimized for cloud and improvement of security in cloud operation environments

Consistent Monitoring Automation

Zero configuration failure, a primary defense system against external attacks, and regular improvement of security compliance rates

Cloud Security Scalability

The same level of security is maintained over multiple cloud services and container/serverless security is provided

Main Services


Cloud Security Architecture
Consulting on policies based on security governance, process design, and cloud security development
Cloud Risk Assessment
A consulting service that secures service stability and supports efficient security operations by managing cloud operation vulnerabilities, improving policies and managing risks
K-ISMS Consulting
A consulting service that supports ISMS certification for businesses operating on-premise, private, hybrid and multi-cloud IT services and helps them establish and maintain an information security management system

Cloud Native Security

We offer support for configuring CSPM and CWPP using Prisma Cloud, as well as managed compliance services and technical support for solution operation. Our services also include the creation of policies, reports, and dashboards to help our clients maintain the security and compliance of their cloud environments.
AWS Security Feature
To protect the managed services provided by AWS, we configure security features such as Shield and WAF for network protection and implement policies, monitoring, and risk management.
DevSecOps (Automation)
DevSecOps involves the implementation of a security toolchain and pipeline in DevOps to detect and address security vulnerabilities early in the development process, report security threats arising from operations, and automate the implementation of blocking policies to improve corporate IT operation governance.

Basic Security

Network Security
Network-based security solutions such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and web application firewalls traditionally used in legacy environments, are deployed as agents or gateways to support their configuration and provide operation services based on security controls.
Server Security
Accounts for server protection, access control, and antivirus solutions, traditionally used in legacy environments, are deployed as agents or gateways in cloud environments to support the configuration of antivirus solutions and provide operation services such as access control and more.
Application Security
Web Shell detection solutions, traditionally used in legacy environments, are deployed as an agent in web servers to provide control and operation services to detect and prevent the use of Web Shells.
Database Security
Database protection accounts and access control/encryption solutions, traditionally used in legacy environments, are deployed as agents or gateways in cloud environments to provide operation services for access control and encryption.
Vulnerability Assessment
Vulnerability assessment solutions, traditionally used in legacy environments to detect vulnerabilities in web services and networks, are deployed in cloud environments to analyze the results of vulnerability assessments and provide measures to remediate any vulnerabilities found.
SECaaS (Common Security Zone)
We offer enterprise and shared SECaaS (Common Security Zone) services that integrate security solutions such as security controls and vulnerability assessments to protect the cloud network environments of an organization.

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