About Us

Founded in December 2015, OpsNow is a SaaS company that has been developing and providing cloud-based software.

With CEO Hanjoo Lee in the lead, more than 130 cloud and SaaS experts are providing OpsNow's services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to automate cloud operation and management as much as possible.
We understand the power of cloud, and believe that cloud will be essential in the future of IT.

Our Vision

Cloud is eco-friendly, provides powerful IT to all, boosts creativity and eventually resolves various problems that society is facing.
Therefore, cloud should not be the technology of few experts or businesses.
For widespread adoption of cloud, simple and affordable adoption and management are pivotal.
To make this a reality, automation driven by software is essential, and the software should be provided through cloud (SaaS).
This is the ultimate vision that we pursue.






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