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OpsNow360 is a next-generation cloud operation management platform that utilizes its extensive experience serving over 4,000 customers to efficiently collect and analyze key management indices from all aspects of cloud operation and management. With its ability to simplify complexity, OpsNow360 offers customized interfaces for enhanced user experiences.

The optimal platform that can effectively address a range of complex cloud operation and management challenges in a multi-cloud environment, including those in cost and asset management, governance, DevOps, and security

OpsNow360 maximizes cloud operation efficiency by integrating with a range of tools such as an incident management solution, an AI chatbot service, a big data platform, and a monitoring tool

The first cloud management platform in Korea designed to assist enterprises, Managed Service Providers, and the public sector with cloud management

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Cost Management &
Resource Optimization

Provisioning and

Cloud Migration,
Backup and DR

Identify, Security
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Monitoring and

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Main Features & Advantages

Manage Distributed Cloud Resources in One Place and Increase Visibility

Resource Optimization

OpsNow360 Asset analyzes your cloud environment to identify unused resources, recommends capacity adjustments for appropriate instance sizes, and provides insights for optimization

Resource Monitoring and Alerts

OpsNow360 Asset analyzes usage patterns and immediately alerts when it detects changes in the patterns

Resource Map

OpsNow360 Asset presents a clear map showing the relationships between resources in your virtual network environment, making it easy to understand the connections between resources

Service Group

Group and manage resources by service, department, workload, and other criteria, and gain visibility into the status of each group's resources

Realize Efficient Cloud Operations Through Continuous Optimization to Reduce Costs

Cost Analysis

Gain a clear understanding of your costs with OpsNow360 Cost's visual cost breakdown by period, and dive deeper by identifying the root causes of costs through detailed data analysis

Commitment Savings Recommendations

OpsNow360 Cost analyzes usage patterns to recommend the optimal commitment savings model (AWS RI/SP, Azure RI, or GCP CUD) and provides a simulator to allow you to preview the effects of cost saving

AI-based Cost Anomaly Detection

Stay on top of cost fluctuations with OpsNow360 Cost's AI-powered analysis of cost trends, which sends alerts when costs exceed the normal range or user-defined thresholds

User Dashboard

Create and share your own personalized dashboard by configuring information in a widget format

Set Up Governance Policies and Rules, and Run Compliance Scans All in One Service

Guardrails for Cloud Costs

Implement cloud cost governance with best practice policies and more than 300 built-in rules for cost, resource, performance, and security

Compliance Scan

OpsNow360 Governance provides automated scans through scheduling by policy and allows you to manage rules that are too complex to inspect with automated

Improvement for Non-compliant Rules

OpsNow360 Governance provides specific reasons for non-compliance upon policy inspections and automatically takes corrective measures

Integrated Governance Dashboard

OpsNow360 Governance scores the current status of compliance scans for the company and provides it along with a dashboard, allowing for visibility into the overall cloud operation and management

Deploy Applications and Update Infrastructure Configurations in a Cloud Environment From a Single Interface


OpsNow360 DevOS automates code-based infrastructure configuration, management, and provisioning by integrating Ansible and Terraform

Resource Topology

OpsNow360 DevOS visualizes configuration status of deployed infrastructure in real-time


Configure and deploy multi- and hybrid-cloud infrastructure in a snap, using predefined codes

Toolchain Management

Design workflows by adding CI/CD tools to pipeline steps and monitor the status of the configured toolchain

Build a More Secure Cloud Service Tailored to the Domestic Environment

Cloud Security Policies

OpsNow360 Security provides best security practices for businesses operating in the domestic market

Visualization and Monitoring of Security Posture

OpsNow360 Security provides visibility into organizational security scores and statuses through a dashboard, helping you set and manage security objectives

Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation Guide

OpsNow360 Security collects and analyzes multi-cloud resource configuration data, identifies vulnerabilities, and provides remediation guides for policy improvements related to resource violations

Anomaly-based Analysis

OpsNow360 Security analyzes security risks and attack methods based on behavior logs and provides a quick filter to manage anomalies

Integration of Tools That Improve Cloud Operation Efficiency

OpsNow360 integrates incident notifications from various tools and provides visibility into IT infrastructure.
Our ChatOps tool enables two-way communication and conversation-centered automation services for customers and employees.

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