Cloud Cost Governance Implementation

OpsNow360 Governance is a SaaS solution that draws on extensive knowledge and experience in cloud operations and cost management best practices to help companies establish clear cost management goals. Ongoing monitoring and assessment of progress towards these goals ensure that your cloud environment is being managed in the most efficient manner possible.

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Why OpsNow360 Governance?

Effortless cloud cost
governance implementation

Leverage the expertise of cloud experts with more than 300 pre-configured rules that integrate AWS, Azure, and GCP best practices. These rules allow for easy implementation of cloud cost governance, even for those with little knowledge or experience in managing cloud costs.

Convenient governance
compliance assessments

Streamline compliance scans with OpsNow360 Governance, which automates the process of compliance scans, freeing you from the need for manual checks. Perform scans on a schedule that aligns with your needs and reduce the workload and time needed for the task. With our solution, you can have visibility into the current status of your cloud management through the score and dashboard.

Immediate improvement or
solution for non-compliance

After scans, specific reasons for non-compliance with governance rules are identified and immediate solutions are provided to quickly resolve issues.

Main Features & Advantages

Create customized policies based on predefined best practices and over 300 built-in rules for cost, resource management, performance, and security.

OpsNow360 Governance performs automated scans on a schedule set by users and allows for more thorough management of cloud costs through manual rule management of rules that cannot be handled automatically. You can also specify the regions to be scanned and exceptions for specific resources.

Check the scan results to see if any rules are violated. If a rule is violated, an alert will be triggered and a specific reason for the non-compliance will be provided. Action will be taken automatically in response to it.

Gain visibility into the current management level by viewing the company's cloud cost management status provided in the form of scores and dashboards.

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