New OpsNow360 is Coming Soon!

OpsNow360 will be available on February 26, 2023. Your existing service contract is retained and continuously effective in OpsNow360.
Changes to the service are as follows:

1) Integration of the login process

Now you can enjoy all of OpsNow360 CMP (Asset, Cost, Governance), DevOS, Security, and even many Other Solutions with a single sign-on.

2) Change of menu structure and UI

  • A search bar is now available at the top of the page.

  • When you log in, you’ll see a new Dashboard where you can find the summarized information of the current cloud status and add or remove widgets as you see fit.

  • On your upper left, you’ll find a new hamburger menu where you can navigate to other services that you are currently subscribing to.

  • On your upper right, you’ll see the bell icon where you can see daily feed notifications and announcements.

  • On the bottom of the page, you’ll see our offerings of Plug-ins and Other Solutions.

  • Whenever you need help, click –the question mark icon next to the notifications at the top of the page–to go to the Technical Support, API Docs, and User Guide page.
  • Previously called [My Account] is now [Profile], with an overall improved user interface. To manage your settings, go to [Profile] by clicking your user name.

  • To register or add your cloud service provider’s accounts, now go to [Profile] > [Cloud Accounts] instead of Service Portal > Manage Cloud Accounts. You’ll be able to manage all accounts to use Asset, Cost, Governance, DevOS, and Security all at once.

3) New menus added

3-1) Billing

Now you can purchase or subscribe to our services by yourself, skipping the Sales Representative’s process and shortening the time. In the [Billings] menu, you can manage your organization’s payment and billing information.


3-2) Subscription

You can view all the subscriptions list, statuses, and invoices here.


3-3) Notifications

You can change your notification preferences here to receive or turn off notifications for the daily feed, toast pop-up messages, or various cloud management alerts.

4) Change of service names

  • [Service Portal] → Service deprecated and integrated into other services
  • [Asset Management] → [Asset]
  • [Cost Management] → [Cost]

5) Others

Technical Support link:


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