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OpsNow is helping more than 1,000 businesses including Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Motor Group on their cloud journeys.

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Cloud Costs

How can I easily manage cloud costs and budgets?

Cloud costs are billed monthly as you use the services. You can organize and manage these charged expenses using spreadsheets, but that would be time-consuming and less reliable. With OpsNow CMP, cloud cost management becomes more convenient.

Our cloud costs are too high. How can we lower them?

As cloud costs are charged as you go, it's paramount to understand which areas of service incur costs the most. In general, most users use resources because they need them, but sometimes idling or incorrectly used resources add up to a lot of costs. To address this issue, you need an accurate analysis of cloud costs. Cloud cost management tools such as OpsNow CMP make this easier. In addition, cloud cost consulting may be required depending on the situation.

Is there an easy way to manage cloud costs by department?

Yes. Cloud service providers charge you without much billing analysis. To allocate the charges by department or group, you need a tool. A tool like OpsNow CMP.

Cloud Security

How can I improve cloud security?

Cloud security is different from that of a legacy infrastructure system. To improve cloud security while using the CSP's default security features, you need an additional security solution. For this, we proudly recommend OpsNow Security. If you are not so certain of your current security health, let us help you with our security consulting service.

How can I apply cloud security based on domestic rules and regulations?

There are various cloud security solutions out there. However, a solution built in accordance with domestic regulations is rare. That is why we launched OpsNow Security. With OpsNow Security, you can quickly apply cloud security standard suitable for the domestic environment.

Automated Cloud Operations

Is there a way to make cloud operations and management easier?

Yes. To make cloud operations easier, you need a DevOps tool to make it so. OpsNow DevOS can surely make your job easier.

Can we standardize cloud operation and management?

Yes. Policies themselves are essential to standardize cloud operation and management. But a tool to easily apply them is also important. A tool like OpsNow DevOS.

Cloud Incidents

How can I quickly recognize cloud incidents?

It is essential to have monitoring tools, like WhaTap, and incident alert tools, like AlertNow, to quickly spread the cloud incident notifications.

Can we standardize our cloud incident handling process as a system?

Of course you can. Establishing processes and R&R is important to standardize incident processing. But you also need a tool to support it. A tool like AlertNow.

Cloud SaaS Solution

Need a solution for an automated chatbot?

OpsNow HelpNow AI provides an automated solution built with an interactive AI agent to process interactions ranging from customer inquiries to complicated business workflows.

Need a solution that manages various IoT and edge devices?

OpsNow IoTOps manages various IoT and edge devices, automates collection and storage of high-availability data and provides BI and AI/ML services so that you could easily analyze and utilize it.

Need a useful solution for your customer support desk?

We provide differentiated customer support solutions such as Freshdesk and Freshservice, products of Freshworks.

Need an efficient logistics and retail management solution?

We provide a TMS solution optimized for domestic delivery by integrating Mesh Korea's know-hows in logistics and data technology.

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