Cloud Security Posture Management Platform

OpsNow360 Security is a cloud security posture management (CSPM) platform that helps ensure the security of cloud infrastructure from the outset. OpsNow360 Security allows you to continuously monitor ever-changing cloud infrastructure resources based on standard and customized policies, and improve operational management and security through remediation guides.

Free cloud security vulnerability assessment consulting
The average security score for companies using AWS is 56.5! Are you curious about your company's security score?

Why OpsNow360 Security?

Cloud security

OpsNow360 Security provides policies that can be perfectly applied to the cloud environment through various compliance and best practices, as well as the OpsNow Cloud Security Benchmark established by Bespin Global.

Visualized cloud security posture and continuous monitoring

By diagnosing the cloud configuration status, OpsNow360 Security provides security scores that put the data in perspective and help with continuous monitoring by diagnosing vulnerabilities and providing remediation guides.

Supports for cloud
security operation

OpsNow360 Security provides the data and features for security operation personnel, such as project management, anomaly detection (log audit), scheduling, and reporting.

Main Features & Advantages

OpsNow360 Security offers policies that can be perfectly applied to your cloud environment through various compliances such as ISMS-P and ISO27001, as well as the OpsNow Cloud Security Benchmark established by Bespin Global. OpsNow360 Security also provides custom policies that meet the internal regulations of your organization.

The security score can be used to establish the organization's security goal. It is calculated based on the importance of a product or a policy, and you can check the score trends.

Depending on the importance of a product, scans are performed in intervals ranging from 15 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours to diagnose the cloud security status in near real-time.

Based on the defined alert rules, a list of violated resources is displayed, and an incident can be created to request remediation. Incidents can be classified into 5 statuses, and alerts can be received through various channels (e.g. email, webhook) according to changes in status. In addition, SIEM integration allows you to further utilize alert data.

Manage accounts by project and give permission by persona (Chief Information Security Officer, Security Manager, Security Operator, and Infrastructure Operator) based on security operation governance.

Customer Stories

“Our cloud security score improved to over 90 in just 3 months.”

The score has remained above 90 since then, and considering that the average score of small businesses is typically around 40 to 50, this is a very high score. However, a high score today does not guarantee a high score tomorrow, so we plan to continuously manage the security status with OpsNow360 Security to make our service more secure.

– FOBLEGATE, Head of Information System Office

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