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OpsNow360 Cost is a cloud cost management platform that provides full visibility into multi-cloud costs and optimizes cost.
OpsNow360 Cost reflects the organizational structure in cloud cost management and enables cloud cost management tailored to the actual environment, and presents the optimal points for cloud cost reduction to maximize the effect.

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Why OpsNow360 Cost?

Optimizing cloud costs
just got easier

Seize effective cost-saving opportunities. OpsNow360 Cost automatically analyzes cloud usage patterns to recommend a discount model that is right for your business and points out cost reduction points without any additional work.

OpsNow360 Cost makes optimizing your cloud costs easier.

Minimized efforts for
cloud management

OpsNow360 Cost simplifies cloud cost management by using cost analysis features to quickly identify cost drivers and automatically sending reports to your manager.

OpsNow360 Cost automates simple and repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on more value-added work.

Cloud cost monitoring
by AI

Monitoring workloads and costs across thousands of resources can be a daunting task. Fortunately, OpsNow360 Cost utilizes artificial intelligence to automate this process, detecting unusual usage patterns that may lead to excessive costs and alerting users in real-time.

This enables users to quickly respond and minimize potential cloud cost damage.

Main Features & Advantages

Create your personalized user dashboard by configuring the information you want in widgets. Fill the dashboard with the cost information you want, and share it with relevant personnel.

The cost analysis feature allows you to view the status of costs incurred over a specific period in charts. Use filters such as account, product, region, and instance type to perform a more detailed search and identify the root cause of costs.

OpsNow360 Cost recommends the optimal commitment savings model based on your actual usage patterns and provides a commitment purchase simulator to compare the cost-saving effects of different options. This helps you make informed decisions when purchasing commitments. Our platform supports AWS RIs/SPs, Azure RIs, and GCP CUDs.

Keep costs under control with OpsNow360 Cost's AI-based cost trend monitoring, which sends alerts when costs deviate from their typical range or exceed user-defined thresholds, allowing you to quickly minimize unnecessary expenses.

Create a cloud cost report in just minutes. OpsNow360 Cost's subscription feature allows you to receive regular reports, and you can share them with relevant personnel to streamline cloud cost management.

AI Awards: Awarded for AI Cost Anomaly Detection Feature (2020)
Acquired AWS Cloud Management Tools Competency (2021)

Customer Stories

“OpsNow provides visibility into our cloud resources and costs. We were able to reduce our cloud costs by 25% through OpsNow's cost reduction recommendations, particularly by introducing Reserved Instances and Savings Plans."

– IT Assistant Manager Choi Namyoung I BKR

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