The Optimal Cloud Resource Management Platform

OpsNow360 Asset is a multi-cloud resource management platform, which allows you to manage distributed cloud resources integratively and provides visibility into the status of resource groups configured for your organization. OpsNow360 Asset also recommends optimized resources based on your actual usage patterns to help you configure the optimal cloud environment.

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Why OpsNow360 Asset?

The most practical
cloud resource management

OpsNow360 Asset provides the most practical cloud resource management experience by enabling visibility into resources dispersed across multiple accounts, regions, and clouds, making it easier to grasp the current state of your organization's cloud operations.

Quickly create cloud reports that cater to the interests of various stakeholders, such as engineering, finance, and business experts, reducing the burden of cloud operations.

Automated checks on resource optimization points reduce cloud operation time

OpsNow360 Asset automatically analyzes the actual usage of cloud resources and recommends the optimal resources by identifying unused or inappropriately-sized resources.

Analyzing numerous resources individually to extract optimization points takes more time than you might expect. OpsNow's automatic analysis and optimization recommendation can greatly reduce this time.

Configure a cloud environment that
fits your organization's environment

Tagging is one of the important steps in configuring a cloud environment for your organization.

OpsNow360 makes tagging a lot easier and faster. With OpsNow360, you can tag hundreds of resources at once, and use these tags to view resource status by department or project.

Main Features & Advantages

Create service groups by grouping resources by criteria such as service, department, workload, etc., and check the status of resources for each service group.

OpsNow360 Asset automatically analyzes users' actual cloud environment, derives a list of unused resources that need to be deleted, and recommends resource capacity that matches usage to help you manage resources efficiently.

An alert is sent immediately if a change in past resource usage patterns is detected. Ignoring abnormal resources can increase costs. Resource Alert helps you respond quickly and reduce damage.

OpsNow360 Asset shows how resources are connected and related to each other in the virtual network environment, helping infrastructure managers understand the connections between resources.

Acquired AWS Cloud Management Tools Competency (2021)

Customer Stories

“OpsNow helps us identify areas for improvement in our cloud infrastructure, as well as weak security and resource configurations. It is especially helpful for businesses with complex infrastructure and 5-6 years of experience in cloud services."

– Cardoc CTO Jonghun Park

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